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Charles Chichester Jr. July 12, 2014 at 02:39 PM
To : Bayratt. The White House is asking for 3.7 Billion dollars for the illegal children crossing Read Moreour borders. What about the underprivileged Children in America, they could use some of that tax money you say is yours. Isn't that's also a form of Racism, Them before our Own.
William July 13, 2014 at 03:05 PM
Dear Bay Ratt Sounds like you have a Bigger problem then A Private Club. Yes this is 2014 you gotRead Moreth at Right. Your post has more hatred Then I think many of the members have. $20.000 sounds like a Deal. I know of a lot more expensive Private Golf Cubs then that. And you have to be Born into some of them. what do you think a membership cost say at Augusta GA. Pebble Beach. Trumps Golf course in ColtsNeck. If it is a Private Club can they set the rules, or do they have to provide You with Birth Controls if you were to become a Member, Ever try to Join a Private Beach Club Say in Rumson, Monmouth Beach Sea Bright. Or Travel south to North Long Branch Deal, Fair Haven, Please do and let us all know what you found. Life is Not Fair or Equal But now the liberals want to play Robin Hood, As far as having South of The Boarder workers who Yes do work Harder and are Grateful for a JOB. Get Used to it OBAMINATION is Repopulating this Nation with 10s of 1000s and those Jobs will be hard fought for. You can go to Asbury Park Miniature Golf Course on The Board Walk and Use their Beach and Restaurants With only a Parking Fee , Beach Fee. Its Public and open BUT Dam it Look who's working in The Kitchens and Lawns. Just Can't seem to get away form those South of The Boarder Hard working People. Whats racist is your Idea that you Can't become a Member, OBAMANATION has done more to reverse Race Relations that took years to Build, and The Millions of South of The Boarder People when they move in take Jobs Housing and displace other Races, we will be back in The Race wars of The 50s and 60s Now Run and Hide, Look in a Mirror no don't do that you will see a racist, God Bless and Have a Blessed Day Visit the Places I mentioned.
Gary Junstrom July 13, 2014 at 10:59 PM
Just think of how petty and small a person you are Bayratt to disparage a magnificent, 115 year old Read Morefacility based on some nonsense someone told you they overhead. What are you in high school? You sound like one of those jealous liberals who hate the fact that there are people in this world who work hard and become successful. Beacon Hill is a great place and a fantastic part of the community. I have been to a number of charitable functions there and the generosity of the members is nothing short of spectacular. You should be ashamed of your lame, immature post.
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