Math Problem of the Week for March 25, 2014

Vinnie is a huge Yankees fan. He can win tickets to Opening Day if he solves the simple "Blue and White" test below:

You are presented with three cloth bags. Each is marked "Blue", "White", or "Either". One bag contains only blue chips, one bag contains only white chips, and the third bag has both. All of the bags are marked incorrectly. You can choose one chip at a time, but cannot see beyond that chip to what else is in the bag.

What is the fewest number of chips you can choose to re-label each bag correctly?

Check our Mathnasiums of Middletown and Ocean blog on Tuesday, April 1 for the correct answer!

Exactuary0 March 29, 2014 at 09:30 AM
This was fun to think through ... THANK YOU!


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