A Sunny Day on the Shores of the Bay

The sights of the unique scene along Middletown's Bayshore

It's called the Bayshore — that stretch of land that runs along the bay in Middletown and beyond.

The Bayshore is also known in Middletown as its hidden jewel. Over the years, initiatives have been taken to revive its lustre.

From the area of the old Fish Factory and Belford Seafood Co-op, to Pews Creek and Bayshore Waterfront Park, it's easy to see the signs of renewed vitatlity on a serene summer's day.

Fishermen fished. Boats were docked. Birds soared through the clear, sunny skies in their natural habitat. NY Waterway ferries zoomed by the U.S. Navy supply ship docked at the Naval Weapons Station Earle pier, that juts into the bay in Leonardo, as they ushered commuters home to the Belford Ferry Terminal.

Patch offers you your own sun-soaked viewfinder of the sights seen. Click on the above slideshow set to music and enjoy!


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