Engineers Build Their Resumes At IEEE Program at Library

Larry Sternbech of the Monmouth County Office Of Economic Development and Workforce Development gives displaced engineers 10 steps to follow toward reshaping and narrowing their job search.

Nick Maursky, 25, graduated from Rutgers University’s School of Engineering two years ago.

With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, Maursky said has been working as a pharmacy technician but his search for engineering jobs has been without luck.

Looking for job tips, Maursky, a Manalapan resident, drove to the Tuesday in search of job advice from the Monmouth County Office Of Economic Development during an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE, event.

“I came out here to get job search pointers from people in my field and get to network with people in the industry,” Maursky said.

In a presentation geared toward general job searching, Larry Sternbach, Job Developer of the Monmouth County Office of Economic and Workforce Development, gave the twenty engineers ranging in age from mid-20s to mid-50s, ten job searching step using three bullet points per step.

The first step is your attitude, Sternbach said.

“I’ve been in your shoes,” Sternbach said. “When the recession hit I lost my job. I was shell-shocked and wanted to go into a cocoon but that’s the last thing you want to do…. You want to find out what resources are available to you.”

The second step is developing your brand, Sternbach said. Sternbach suggested skills such as organizational and analytical as brand, which adds on to step three of evaluating one’s self-value proposition.

Thomas Cala, a Project Management Professional from New York, said in his elevator speech, which is Sternbach’s step four, that he considers him an executioner, in the sense that he execute a given project or idea by creating a set plan to implement to make the idea into a reality.

Steps five through 10 moved on to more tangible objects such as resumes, employment tests, interviews, networking and finally step 10 following up with employers after interviews.

With handouts of networking flow charts and a sample resume, Sternbach left the job searchers with more than just samples but also job search resources including links to the NJCAN.org website and local resources including the Career Information Center Librarian Charlie Gross of the Monmouth County Library Eastern Branch.

In Monmouth County there are about 28,000 unemployed residents, Sternbach said.

For more information on The Monmouth County Department of Economic Development visit co.monmouth.nj.us.


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