A Patriotic Ritual on Sandy Hook

At the Sea Gulls' Nest on Sandy Hook, a sentimental tribute to American heroes happens as regularly as the sunset over the bay.

At the Sea Gulls' Nest restaurant on Sandy Hook, patriotism is served daily.  

Each evening for the past 28 years, Sea Gulls' Nest owner Ed Segall asks his staff and dinner patrons "for just a moment of your time" to reflect on the sacrifice of all American servicemen and women who protect our freedom with a moment of silence.

"We take time out to experience a moment of grace, to remember all of those who serve all over the world --  from the police officers to FBI to Army to Navy and all armed services," Segall says.

As the red sun sets over the bay in the Leonardo section of Middletown, he encourages everyone on the open air deck, under the canopy or in the bar to put aside their coconut shrimp, burgers and beers and hold hands to sing along with him to  "God Bless America." 

Seagall is a veteran who served under Gen. Douglas MacArthur during the post World War II occupation of Japan. Four of his brothers fought in World War II. His brother, Seymour, was killed on the first day of fighting in Normandy, France. 

The Sea Gulls' Nest is open from May to September. It is located in Area D on Sandy Hook.  

Lynn Brownell January 15, 2013 at 04:33 AM
I performed at Seagulls Nest and after my show the owner asked if I could play God Bless America. When I said I didn't know it, he said, "That's OK, we have a recording", and then I joined hands with strangers and we sang with the recording. This moved me so deeply, that in '09 when I started performing 3 to 9 shows a week in senior buildings, I decided I'd sing it after every show. Sometimes I tell the story of that day at Seagulls Nest. Thank you. God Bless America.


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