Brides Meet Wedding Vendors In the Supermaket Aisle

Whole Foods of Middletown held a festive little wedding showcase to show off the floral and pastry department and give people a reason to sip Prosecco in the produce section.

In an effort to remind their customers that the Whole Foods Market lifestyle has a place at the table -- even on a wedding day -- the Middletown supermarket cleared away some space in the store Thursday and put on a small evening wedding expo.   

A deejay wearing a calla lily in his lapel played wedding music, surrounded by Jewel yams and purple potatoes -- proving he's not easily intimidated by a tough crowd. Nearby, an elegant bartender poured wine under a canopy of fair trade bananas. 

Shoppers waiting at the express check-out were treated to "La Vie En Rose" by a violinist and a flutist, who struggled to compete with the chatty crowd crowded into the store's eat-in area to meet professionals like an old-fashioned hand calligrapher, glamour photographer, and a hairdresser who only uses organic products. 

The store's floral designer, NYC-trained chef and pastry department went all out, and showed off their special event talent. 

"It's definitely more intimate than a typical wedding show," said Lisa Beiro, who is getting married on June 1 in Fair Haven.

As she sipped the sparkling wine in produce, she said she enjoyed meeting the high-end vendors in the casual supermarket setting. "I didn't think anything was cheesy," she said. 


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