Lawn Doctor Maintains Local Roots With A National Reach

The national landscaping company began in Monmouth County in 1966, and has never left.

It began in 1966, when Tony Giordano owned Harris Hardware in Matawan. Giordano was the go-to guy, and eventually he became so well-known, residents began to call him The Lawn Doctor.

Giordano decided to take his knowledge and expand, partnering with a local engineer named Bob Magda. They began a company called Auto Lawn in 1967, creating unique landscaping equipment and a unique franchise opportunity that today has made its way around the county.

Giordano and Magda combined their business and engineering knowledge to create what is now a national change, creating proprietor equipment and a support system for franchisees around the country. And it's all done from a warehouse in Marlboro.

The equipment began with the Tractor Combine in 1966, the first automated landscaping machine of its kind, designed to make the life of the landscaper easier and more efficient.

now has power seeders, the Magda Sprayer for weed control, walk behind, ride-on and stand-on machines which are all created and shipped out from Marlboro Township.

"Right here, you have original equipment manufactured, and it is made right here in the United States," said John Dziekan, Plant Manager.

The company also outfits all of its franchise vans, and is one of the only companies to have its landscapers mix chemicals on site rather than drive with concentrated materials.

"The Department of Environmental Protection loves our system, it is safer for our drivers and others on the road, and our franchisees never have to touch the chemicals," Dziekan said. "We were green before it was cool."

Dziekan said the biggest challenge of having one manufacturing facility for a national company is keeping all franchisees up and running. But, Dziekan and the engineers at Lawn Doctor believe better equipment means continued business, and some of their machines have been functioning well in the field for more than a decade.

Tradition drives Lawn Doctor, but innovation keeps the engine running. From creating YouTube videos that serve as quick training references for franchisees around the country, to maintaining backwards compatible parts so older machines can keep up with newer technology.

Today, Lawn Doctor has 453 locations around the country, maintained from its corporate office in Holmdel and its manufacturing center in Marboro Township.

For more information visit the Lawn Doctor website or .


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