Mysterious Middletown Sightings Tour

This week, Patch takes you to a roadside show stopper. Either it will make you hungry or scare you.

You really need some good taste … buds for this week’s mysterious Middletown sighting.

Situated in the same spot for seemingly, or factually, decades, this small iconic roadside shop with a very large, looming sign, serves as a reminder that we all either need glasses or some dessert.

What we know is that the small ice cream shop in the middle of a bus depot (note the bus in one of the pics), was bought by a true admirer trying to keep it a family place with homemade concoction variations on original classic “custard” themes.

This is worth the ol’ Sunday drive. But, you’ll have to wait until the season starts for the standard stop for that “custard” en route to nowhere but, of course, Middletown sightings.

Underneath the bold spotlighted giant soft serve cone is a sign bearing the slightly toppled marquis lettered name “POLAR BEAR.”

We only saw one bear, though. It was on the menu in a window. See if you can spot it.

Otherwise, we don’t know much about Polar Bear, other than that the sign is a traffic stopper that could halt a car on a full moon night like an alien sighting.

No, folks, don’t start talking about the aliens at Fort Hancock again from last week’s sighting (more on that later). It’s really just an ice cream cone statue. OK, it's a bit more than a statue.

We do know, from a brief conversation with the new owner, that he hails from New York City Fire Department roots and is quite enamored with Middletown as a community spot for retirement settling.

There’s more to the story, which we will look into once the place opens again for the summer.

In the meantime, here are a few questions: Do you know how long Polar Bear has been perched on Route 36? Do you know who crafted that lusciously large cone and, maybe, how and why? And, do you know what the new owner’s signature flavor is and why?

Have some taste and “cone” your own phrase on it all and/or offer us some input.

Nature's Emporium February 18, 2012 at 01:33 PM
I've never been there. Now I can't wait until it opens. Hope the cream is delicious. I miss Wisconsin and Mid-West custards!


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