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Patrick the Miracle Dog Stays Put

Judge rules that the rescued pit bull will stay where he is at Garden State Veterinary Specialists

Patrick the Miracle Dog will stay put at the Garden State Veterinary Specialists (GSVS) in Tinton Falls. A judge Thursday denied a request to move him to a zoo in Forked River.

Judge Joseph Cassini III ruled against the request by the Associated Humane Society to move the rescued pit bull to Popcorn Park Zoo, Forked River, while the dog's alleged abuser, Kisha Curtis of Newark, stands trial for animal cruelty.

Cassini said the Patrick was receiving adequate care at GSVS, where he is recovering, nine weeks after being found tossed out with the trash in Newark.

His story continues to be followed on the media circuit — in newspapers as far away as Ireland — and on the Internet. Blogs, postings, even new songs dedicated to Patrick on YouTube continue to surface. Many need their Patrick fix and continue to follow his progress.

Thursday's hearing addressed a custody battle between the GSVS, Associated Humane Societies (AHS) and the city of Newark, according to the Associated Press. AHS, which has an animal care center in Tinton Falls, filed a motion seeking to overturn a judge’s earlier order that Patrick stay at GSVS, and the AP reported that AHS claims it has legal ownership of the dog.

In early May, AHS Diretor Bruce Sanchez commented on the possible legal proceedings implied in the case.

As for what is in Patrick’s best interests, Sanchez had said, "All we want is what is best for the dog." Sanchez also said that Patrick "should be able to be a normal dog.

"He was cheated out of his whole life and he should be able to slip into anonymity," Sanchez said, adding that he thought the dog should be adopted anonymously.

"We’re the ones who decided to save the dog," Sanchez said of the AHS. "He wasn’t famous when we saved him." Sanchez said that AHS workers decided to bring him to GSVS because the clinic provides 24-hour care.

But some believe that Patrick shouldn’t be moved from GSVS, including one Web site that has a petition by the Concerned Supporters of Patrick The Miracle Dog, which has been signed from people all over the world.

The petition reads: "We do not believe that it would be in Patrick's best interest for him to be moved from Garden State Veterinary Specialists where he has been receiving loving care since he was found. We believe that he should remain at GSVS, where he has been thriving, until he is legally adopted."

As of May 24, the petition had 2,578 signatures.

One poster from the United Kingdom signed the petition and wrote on May 22: "Patrick should stay with someone he already knows and loves if they can give him all needs. GSVS staffer fits that bill."

Another supporter from Iowa wrote on May 23: "I hope everyone will love Patrick enough to let him be adopted by the people he knows and loves for these many months, who've been there from the beginning, nursing him back to health. It's the only right and reasonable thing to even think about doing for him. Please, everyone, love him enough to let him stay with the GSVS staffer."

Newark Mayor Cory Booker has raised $15,907 to build an animal shelter in Newark in honor of Patrick. His is about 32 percent of the way reaching his target goal of $50,000.

Where do you think Patrick the Miracle Dog belongs? Let us know in our comments section.

Joseph Rider June 03, 2011 at 06:08 PM
I have been following Patrick since day - 1, He is such a beautiful dog, I have two dogs of my own who are my babies and treated like family, to this day I still can not swallow how miss Curtis could do what she did to such a wonderful dog, I hope she receives punishment to the full extent of the law, I'm so grateful and overwhelmed that Patrick survived this ordeal and is now a normal dog again, Since he has been with the GSVS, Patrick trusts them and has bonded with them, and he knows them, I am glad that Patrick can stay at GSVS, When it becomes time for him to be adopted, I feel that the GSVS Staffer that wants to take Patrick into his/her home should be granted the opportunity to do so first, it would not be fair to subject Patrick to unfamiliar surroundings or people who don't know Patrick or he to them, The news about Patrick keeps getting better and better - Thankyou.
Maria Eagles June 03, 2011 at 06:33 PM
You bet he should go to the person that wanted to adopted him in the first place. Going to court was in my opinion the wrong thing for Patrick ( A zoo ) gave me a brake. It scares me to think these people are caring for other animal. Thank you for saving his life in the first place but know you have no other choice if you really love him let him go. One more thing I will never donate ever again.
D. Hubbs June 03, 2011 at 07:01 PM
The correct decision was made and in my opinion AHS does not have Patrick's best interest in mind. They know he is getting excellent care and beat the odds of surviving with this facility helping him, and that someone from this facility wants to adopt him. How in the world could this not be a good thing? AHS trademarked his photo, stopped GSVS from posting photos, it is clear to the world that they saw dollar signs with this dog, and continue to ask for donations for him in their mailings, even though his complete care has been covered since like day 3. From what I have read about AHS, they need to be in review, and changes made. There were some horrible things going on there at one point.
Anita Gibson June 03, 2011 at 07:25 PM
Thank you so much for the article, the very happy news about Patrick and even for mentioning my petition. It was only one of several that were dedicated to stopping the ludicrous, greedy petition for custody filed by AHS. Anita
charlie June 03, 2011 at 09:41 PM
i think patrick should stay put!
b. hamby June 03, 2011 at 11:29 PM
Patrick should stay where he is untill he is completley well.he should be adopted by person atCSVS that wants him!!!!
JAMES MIZELL November 26, 2011 at 02:22 PM
I think Patrick the Dog should say put. He's happy and healthy. People in Newark never understood WHY Cory Booker used Patrick's name for a media stunt. Cory Booker should give the money raised to your organization. Then Newarkers would know the money is being used for ALL THE RIGHT PURPOSE. http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2011/07/mayor_cory_booker_uses_story_o.html
JAMES MIZELL November 26, 2011 at 02:23 PM
I think Patrick the Dog should say put. He's happy and healthy. People in Newark never understood WHY Cory Booker used Patrick's name for a media stunt. Cory Booker should give the money raised to your organization. Then Newarkers would know the money is being used for ALL THE RIGHT PURPOSE. http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2011/07/mayor_cory_booker_uses_story_o.html
Arlene Cirocco January 19, 2013 at 12:01 AM
Arlene Cirocco....... 6:51 Friday, 1/18/13.......I believe that Patrick shold be left right where he is!...and I believe that the staffer at GSVS should be able to adopt Patrick....He needs to be with whoever took care of him from the beginning........he should never be adopted to anyone other than someone from the GSVS.....I would never trust an outsider for his well being.....I pray for him every day....my prayer asks that the dear Lord will keep him from ever being hurt again, by anyone!....He's a beautiful dog......he's come a very long way in his life and deserves nothing but the best!......How any human being could do such a horriffic thing to any animal is beyone me.....but, truth be told, the woman who did this will answer for the crime, when she leaves this earth.....God Bless Patrick!!


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