Sun Shines on a Darkened Bayshore

A trip to Leonardo Marina and beach, the Belford Ferry Terminal docks and Seafood Co-op revealed signs of starkness in sun at the beach and a flurry of commuter activity at the ferry.

"It's like land of the lost here," said Leonardo resident Jessica Stone Fieldman, a toddler and newborn in tow at the beach down the street from her home on Hamilton Avenue. "I jog nine miles a day up and down the Bayshore and I have yet to see one JCP&L truck — only township employees cleaning up brush. Where is everyone?"

Fieldman moved from Manhattan to Middletown three years ago to raise her family in the suburb across the bay from the big city. She lived through 9/11, "across the street" when the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center hit.

Just settling into her tranquil suburban state — after giving birth to now one-month-old Marley and caring for toddler Leah — the past couple of weeks have given her more excitement than she expected here, with the earthquake tremors and then Hurricane Irene.

Managing without electricity since Saturday, Fieldman decided to make the best of it and meander down to the bayside for some sun, hope and gratitude that all was well, minus the inconvenience of keeping foods cool for a newborn and toddler.

Little Leah was happy to jump into a few shots and offered a good glimpse of her simple day at the barren beach and marina.

See what we saw when the sun came out on the Bayshore yesterday. Click on the above slideshow set to music. Enjoy and hang in there!


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