Update on State Parks Impacted By Hurricane Sandy

What facilities are open, closed in the state parks system?

Although Hurricane Sandy partially shuttered Leonardo State Marina, Island Beach State Park and other state recreation facilities, many sites have opened or partially reopened after weeks of clean-up.

So how do you know what's reopened? The state has an ongoing list you can check before planning a hike, camping trip or other jaunt in a state park.

The New Jersey Division of Parks maintains the list, itemizing each of the parks in its roster of facilities, providing a status update on how Hurricane Sandy impacted areas have fared.

What's open and what's still closed? Check out this list before you head out to a state park. The list also includes state marinas and impacted historic sites under the Division of Parks and Forestry. The list gets specific, naming for example which trails remain closed in parks impacted by the storm.

For more information, visit the state parks website, here.


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