Revival: Answers on a Presidential Subject

Patch staff popped into a few hot spots in town and got some impromptu responses to the question of the month

Originally published on Feb. 24, this was Middletown Patch's first Street Talk video. We figured, in light of Presidents' Day and our anniversary, that we'd bring it back for all to see. Interesting how things have changed since then ...

Middletown-NJ Patch's Street Talk hit the streets of the township on Presidents' Day weekend and posed a provocative presidential question:

Ronald Reagan was a movie star before he became president. Is there any celebrity you would like to see as president?

The question was called everything from "pithy" to "loaded." And from the VFW in Port Monmouth to the main branch of the Middletown Township Public Library, and points in between, people had some interesting candidates in mind and a lot to say about their choices. 

While you're enjoying your Presidents' Day holiday, take a minute to see what your friends and neighbors were talking about this presidential subject ...

Beyond Babedom February 22, 2011 at 01:13 AM
Donald Trump? Ted Nugent? They couldn't come up with anyone better than that? How about Oprah? People trust her, she says what she thinks, she's obviously very smart and she wouldn't need to take money from any lobbyists - she has enough of her own.


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