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Trinity Hall Development

Trinity Hall's Devastating Impact
Trinity Hall's Devastating Impact

I am writing to express my many concerns regarding the Trinity Hall Development.

Trinity Hall is a commercial enterprise and will bring to our neighborhood all of the communal, societal and environmental harm that such enterprises do.

The attached picture clearly reflects what this development would do to our community.

Let’s project out some of the many terrible impacts this will have on our neighborhood.

The Trinity Hall Development will increase the volume of:

School buses and other school vehicles

Student cars and

Parent drop off vehicles

Evening noise and light pollution.

Daily noise and pollution from the school’s physical plant.


Possibly necessitate:

  1. the widening of parts of Chapel Hill to install shoulders, the land for which will be taken from existing landowners on Chapel Hill Road using Eminent Domain Laws.

  2. the installation of traffic lights at the intersections of  Chapel Hill and Kings Highway, and Sleepy Hollow and Chapel Hill AND

  1. Definitely at the school’s main entrance on Chapel Hill itself.

The Trinity Hall Development will decrease the land values surrounding it dramatically, financially devastating families already hard hit by the down turn in the real estate markets the past 6 years.

What are some of the direct and unacceptable impacts on our public school attending children?

  1. The logistics for our local public schools' bus stops on Chapel Hill AND our buses that use Chapel Hill to bring our kids to school will have to be overhauled.

  1. Bus Ride LENGTHS will increase for our students boarding on Chapel Hill and using Chapel Hill Road on their bus rides.

  1. This means earlier boarding times for our children.

  • Increased air and noise pollution along the entire corridor.

  • Increased physical DANGER to our bus riding public school children

  • Money will be taken in increased taxes from the students’ parents’ savings for construction projects. They will be forced to bear these charges as the school is a non-profit which does not pay real estate taxes. It will have zero responsibility financially for these multi-million dollar improvements that will be necessary, now and ad infinitum. These funds should be going towards OUR students’ education, and not funding the education of strangers who are not contributing to our community.

    There are enough private schools in the area to service the needs of our community. From a simple zoning and planning perspective alone, this project should be rejected as there is ample township real estate dedicated to this “Business Purpose.”

    Only if there was a true and incontestable direct community need for such a large commercial operation in the heart of our neighborhood, should such a land, family and way-of-life altering project be considered.

    That is clearly not the case. The opposite is true.  Thank you for your time.


    Christopher R. Whalen, CPA

    Concerned Parent and Chapel Hill Resident
    Pat March 12, 2014 at 07:15 PM
    Mr. Calandrino: Last time I checked, we live in a free country where people like you and your relative Lisa are free to write blogs telling us how fortunate you were to have a Catholic education and that we should welcome this private school (in the Catholic tradition?) because your daughter wants to attend it. So when you state that this private school is “other people’s personal business” I have to marvel at your arrogance. As a resident and taxpayer in Middletown, it IS my business when township functions are moved to appease the desires of those with pockets deep enough to put their interests above the needs of the population as a whole. True, this is all perfectly legal, but it is morally reprehensible. Since you see fit to lecture me, I wonder why YOU don’t count your blessings that we have good public schools in Middletown as well as good private and Catholic schools and send your daughter to one of those. Oh, I get it. Everyone else should count their blessings, while the politically influential deep pockets pushing this enterprise get to donate, lobby, and flood the media with PR, and make their dreams come true! Not exactly “in the Catholic tradition” - more like the Wall Street tradition.
    Middletown resident March 13, 2014 at 07:22 AM
    Oh Pat....you are so off course with your assumptions. We do agree on one thing, this is the United States of America and we do have the right and privledge to voice our opinions.
    Truth March 13, 2014 at 10:57 AM
    Pat whether the school is "in the catholic tradition" or a diocesan school or a school for Bene gesserit is irrelevant. If you did a little research about the founders, you will find that they have only done positive things for education in the area, scholarships to students in need . i'm sure TH will not be turning away students for lack of funds.. "morally reprehensible" pretty strong words.
    Pat March 13, 2014 at 01:13 PM
    Oh, “Truth”, your deliberate obtuseness is a thing to behold! Surely you understood that the phrase “morally reprehensible” was directed at the TC and not the founders of this enterprise. If you really didn’t get it, let me make it clear. As a taxpayer and resident, I expect my elected officials to represent the interests of ALL the children in the township, not just the deep pocketed ones. By the way, it was you “Truth” who wrote this: “ educating our children is so important, everyone feels that way...Until someone finds a need and has the vision to do something about it, then its NIMBY.. It is an all girls school, not a methadone clinic. The school is filling a need educating young ladies in an environment that is best suited for learning” Are you “Truth”, as an ardent and vocal supporter of this enterprise, actually accusing the Chapel Hill residents of being NIMBYS when it was Trinity School that pressured our township officials to remove Crossroads Drug Treatment far away from the young ladies of your school? We do have a huge drug problem among ALL the young people in Middletown, and they don’t just attend public schools. If that’s not the epitome of Nimby, I don’t know what is.
    Medic1659 March 31, 2014 at 09:29 AM
    Again someone else who believes in NIMBY, could it be that since Mr. Whalen lives on Sleepy Hollow he might have a misguided interest to see that this project never comes to fruition. It would be hoped that the powers to be would utilize this situation to have Chapel Hill Road improved by widening, paving and placing much needed traffic control devices at the intersections to improve safety. Or is he one of those professionals that may represent another who was beaten to the punch to get the property or their project approved?


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