Watch out for the Dredger!

In April, this site announced the award of a dredge contract to M.E.R.I.T. Inc. for Shoal Harbor and Compton Creek.  The subcontractor chosen for the project is Island Breeze Marine, Inc.  Island Breeze Marine has just completed a dredging contract in the Chesapeake Bay on the Little Wicomico River.  The 3 week dredging project  was completed, 1 month late and there is still a 400 lb anchor in the dredged channel.  More importantly, none of Island Breeze's suppliers were paid for their services - this includes everything from all the fuel used to equipment leasing and loading and crew's quarters.  The local Holiday Inn Express was left with an unpaid bill of $12,000.  Two local marinas had a combined bill for service and fuel of over $40,000.  One tug leased by Island Breeze is still in legal limbo as the lease has not been paid.  Several of the affected small business have taken some legal action to recover their money through the security bond, but in the words of Dan Hickey of Smith Point Marina, owed $35,000, "I feel like I've just been the victim in a drive-by shooting"
It's 4 months since project completion and I have to engage a lawyer to get reimbursed.
Hickey went on to warn any businesses dealing with Island Breeze Marine to "Watch out for the Dredger!"


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