Police on Hunt for River Plaza Burglar

Residents want public informed of incidents.

are investigating three similar alleged invasion/burglary incidents that occurred in the section early Thursday morning.

"Police say an unknown person attempted to gain entry into two of the residences (on ) and did in fact make entry into one of them (on West Front street) in an effort to locate car keys in order to steal the homeowner’s vehicle," a statement from police said. "The subject was able to steal a 2000 Dodge Caravan from the West Front Street home."

The person whose car was stolen, former member and political candidate Pat Walsh, as well as a couple of other Hubbard Avenue residents, contacted Patch in an effort to warn area residents. As a matter of procedure, crime victims’ names are not released by police as a measure of protection. However, Walsh came forward and wished to be identified by Patch.

“The police did an excellent job,” Walsh said. “They were here immediately and extremely thorough. While I understand they have procedures that need to be followed in order to not jeopardize the investigation, I think it’s important that area residents are informed so they can take proper precautions to protect themselves. I feel like I have a big responsibility to my community. Knowing that someone was in your home when you are there is particularly frightening.”

Walsh added that a neighbor first discovered the suspected burglar in his home at about 3:30 a.m., “scared the intruder off and called police.”

Another neighbor, she said, had belongings stolen off a back porch along with home and car keys; and the back door on the porch was left propped open.

At Walsh’s home, she said the alleged burglar entered her home through a window that had an air conditioner in it. Cash and car keys were stolen along with a car, which had not yet been recovered as of yesterday afternoon.

The suspect has not yet been caught.

Police say the homeowner who "scared off" the intruder identified him as a young black male.

Police request anyone with information contact Detective Adam Finck at 732-615-2072.


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