Large Brush Fire In The Belford Reeds

Nobody was hurt, and no property was damaged thanks to three volunteer firefighting companies that responded to the blaze.

A large brush fire in Belford was extinguished around noon today by volunteer firefighters, who were determined to stop the wind-fanned flames to spreading to nearby houses.

The fire started in the marshy land behind Church Street, at Campbell Ave., and was extinguished in around 1:45 p.m. The Monmouth County Fire Marshal Dept. was on the scene, but the cause of the blame was not immediately known. 

"It was a fairly large brush fire that started in the crow weeds," said Middletown Township Fire Chief John D'Altilio Sr. 

"If we didn't stop it from jumping the road it would have burned right down to Port Monmouth," he said. 

Volunteer firefighters from Belford Engine, East Keansburg Fire Co., and Port Monmouth turned out.

Also, volunteer First Aid crews from Leonardo First Aid & Rescue Squad and Middletown Township First Aid & Rescue Squad stood by on the scene, while additional squads covered two other unrelated first aid calls in Belford at the same time. 

Some local roads were closed off during the firefighting operation. 


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