Middletown Police Report First Drug Overdose Rescue Using Narcan

Just two weeks after the department started carrying Narcan to counteract effects of opiate overdose, a life was saved, say police.

Credit: File photo
Credit: File photo

Just two weeks after Middletown Police Department started carrying Narcan nasal spray to save drug users from overdoses, an officer has made the first save, police report. 

On Thursday, two officers were handling the arrest and processing of a person who passed out for an apparent drug overdose. "Patrolman Charles Higgins and Patrolman Adam Colfer recognized the symptoms and administered the Narcan," said Det. Lt. Stephen Dollinger in a press release. "The drug immediately counteracted the effects of the other narcotics and the prisoner jolted awake." The person was transported to Riverview Medical Center for further treatment, he said.

Narcan, which is another name for the drug Naloxone, is given to victims to counter the effects of an opioid overdose specifically the life threatening depression of the central nervous system, respiratory system and hypotension secondary to opiate overdose. It is administered by a nasal spray into the victim’s nose.

"It is a great tool to assist victims of drug overdoses," said Dollinger. 






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