Middletown Sergeant Recognized With 2011 Top Gun DWI Certificate

Sgt. First Class William Colangelo was awarded with a 2011 Top Gun DWI Certificate for the most DWI arrests made in Middletown last year.

Sgt. First Class William Colangelo was recognized last night at the Township Committee meeting with the 2011 Top Gun DWI Certificate.

Colangelo was awarded this recognition for his efforts in combating drunk drivers, making the most arrests in Middletown during 2011.

“I’m sure everybody has their story they can tell whether they lost a family member or a friend or a loved one,” said Police Chief Robert Oches. “Drinking and driving is one very, very dangerous aspect of motor vehicle enforcement in the state of New Jersey.”

Sgt. First Class William Colangelo has really dedicated his career to traffic safety and still has the vigor to go after these drunk drivers, Oches said.

This past year in 2011, Colangelo arrested 14 drunk drivers himself, Oches said. 

“Now 14 may not sound like a large number but let me tell you this, he works in administration so during the day he is not out doing that so he has to come in on his own time in order to go and enforce,” Oches said. “He has done an excellent job in enforcement and are really proud of him.”

Mayor Anthony P. Fiore read the proclamation recognizing Colangelo’s achievement.

“One of things, we take a lot of pride in is our efforts and probably one of the most dangerous efforts is enforcing unfortunately drunk driving,” said Mayor Anthony P. Fiore. 

Mike Sensenbrenner August 21, 2012 at 02:31 PM
Shouldn't it be based on arrests which led to conviction? I know someone who got arrested for allegedly buying liquor for a minor and the arrest was so ridiculous the judge practically threw the town prosecutor and cops out himself. Still cost that person lawyer money and mentions on the blotter which turn up on the internet in blogs like the Patch,


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