Michael Craig, Candidate for Middletown Board of Education

Craig is a retired NYC police officer who says he wants to keep an eye on wasteful spending.

General Information

Name : Mr. Michael Craig
Date of birth : 19 October 1968
Place of residence : Middletown NJ



Attended college : Yes
College : Wagner/CSI
Year of graduation : Stopped college when I was hired by NYPD

Grad school

Employment Information

Job titles held : Retired New York City Police Officer
Employers : NYPD

Political Information

Running for a: Local office
Running for position: Board of Education
Chamber/district: Middletown
Incumbent: No
Previous elective offices : NA
Unsuccessful bids for elective offices: NA


Other facts

Middletown Board of Education Election

WHO AM I My name is Michael Craig and I am running for an open position for the Middletown Board of Education. I am married and have four daughters. I moved to Middletown thirteen years ago after retiring from the New York City Police Department. I sit on a Family Advisory Council and an Ethics Committee at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in Manhattan and served on the Board of Directors for the National Organization for Disorders of the Corpus Callosum.

WHY AM I RUNNING Residents of Middletown have roughly two thirds of their taxes going to the Department of Education. There are many residents who have no children in the school system and still a majority of their taxes goes to the Department of Education.

It is my belief that the residents of Middletown ARE NOT well represented when the Board makes fiscal or administrative decisions that affect the students and tax payers.

I am not looking to cut programs that benefit students and would be open to starting new programs providing they make fiscal sense. What I do want, is to identify wasteful spending and eliminate it, but not at the students expense.

My fourth daughter, Shannyn, was born extremely disabled. In fact, she is the only child in the Middletown School District who is permanently home instructed. In essence, she is too sick to attend school. For the last four years, I have had to utilize the State of New Jersey's mediation process numerous times to force the district to comply with Special Education laws. Parents are the best advocates for their children, though parents play a bigger role when they have a child with a disability or an IEP in place. From someone with A LOT of experience, excessive fighting for your child is exhausting, unnecessary and it has to stop!


I can only promise that I will make every effort to eliminate wasteful spending, be a mouthpiece for the tax payers and do my best in getting the district to comply with the laws that govern special education. There has to be accountability within the district and I can only represent you if you vote for me.

So on November 6th, please check the box next to MICHAEL CRAIG. Michael Craig


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