New Jersey Pet Protection Act to Slow Puppy Mills

Pet stores may soon be required to notify customers as to where their puppies come from. The New Jersey Pet Purchase Protection Act aims to alert consumers whether the pet has come from a  puppy mill, where the animals are treated inhumanely.

"New Jersey pet store consumers should not be duped into unwittingly supporting the cruel puppy mill industry," said Kathleen Schatzman, New Jersey director for the Human Society of the United States, to the Star-Ledger. 

She adds that "substandard" living conditions in puppy mills may cause health and behavioral problems later. 

Pet stores will be required to provide the first and last name of the breeder, the breeder's full street address, and the breeder's United States Department of Agriculture license number. It also provides reimbursements for veterinary care of adopted pets with health problems.

The Bill now must pass the state Senate and Assembly, then be approved by the governor. 


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