Paper Ballots Used in Parts of Middletown

Machines did not have public questions on ballots.

Some Middletown voters cast paper ballots on Election Day after public questions were discovered to be missing from the machine ballot, Monmouth County spokesperson Laura Kirkpatrick confirmed.

“Once they realized it was a problem people started voting on paper ballot,” Kirkpatrick said. “This is standard procedure when there is a problem.”

Information on the number of machines impacted and the districts affected was not immediately available.

The Monmouth County Board of Elections is deploying new cartridges into the machines with the full ballot. Once the cartridges are up and running, the districts will revert back to the machine ballot, according to Kirkpatrick.

jacqui klein November 06, 2012 at 09:18 PM
what? so if I did not get a paper ballot I missed things to vote about? This is all so confusing.
Stephanie Darby November 06, 2012 at 09:28 PM
I experienced a problem this morning as well, voting in the machines at District 17. i questioned the gentleman monitoring the area, and he did not have an answer for me, nor did he offer me the option of voting on a paper ballot. While I appreciate the volunteers who help facilitate the elections, I feel my vote was compromised because I was not properly apprised of my rights at the polling station. Stephanie Darby
GMT November 06, 2012 at 09:40 PM
When I voted today in District #7, there were two ballot questions. One of the questions wouldn't let me choose 'YES', only 'NO'. So I report the problem to the election worker there and she says, "Oh that's OK, don't worry about that". I'm like, now wait, what are you saying, I don't get to vote on that question because there is a problem with the machine? This goes back and forth for a while with her then saying, "Well, you will have to delete all of your choices and complete an emergency ballot if you do want to vote on it" as if trying to discourage me. I then am sent to an election official to fill out the ballot and voice my concern that the election worker is telling people that "It's OK, and don't worry about it". I mean how many people who wanted to vote "yes" were told "don't worry about it". The woman calls over to the first woman and says to her, " <worker's name>, everybody should be able to vote on all the questions, OKAY?" then looks at me and says, "See, I informed her so it's OK now. You have the right to vote". NO, Not really OK. How many people didn't get to vote "Yes" on that question, only "no" or "no vote"? And the worker trying to discourage me filling out an Emergency Ballot, what about that? Seriously, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth about the integrity of the system in Monmouth county.
Doreen November 07, 2012 at 12:20 AM
I voted by a written ballot At District 37 & found the volunteers to be uncomfortable with being asked questions because i think they were as unprepared for the all the questions we had for them. I was really uncomfortable sitting at a lunch table, although I was lucky enough to find a completely empty table to cast my vote, I noticed people passing by glancing at my ballot. Some people for some reason or another were cramping for seats at tables & blatantly looking at others ballots. It reminded me of kids cheating on their exams in school. Some were actually socializing with there ballots wide open, I don't know, maybe people are in a daze from Hurricane Sandy. I would think they they should have had some volunteers monitoring each table & keep people moving, if there were not enough volunteers they could have asked people walking in if they had time would they volunteer to stand at the end of a table. I'm sure that people like myself that had the extra time today would be happy to be of service on such an important day. Quite frankly I am puzzled as to who & where these ballots are counted?
Mary November 07, 2012 at 12:51 AM
I also was mislead byone of the gentleman monitoring District 15. I was not comfortable voting by a paper ballet. I understand that this is done in emergency situations but they were not prepared for such an emergency as they should of been. The paper ballots were being collected, folded, and place in a yellow manilla envelope with many other ballots all compressed into one approx. 10X14 inch envelope. I asked why they are not being sealed into individually sealed envelopes. The persons response was we don't have any. These envelopes were placed on the floor behind the desks of the people working there. I told them I was not comfortable with voting in such a compromised manner, maybe I should return later when the machines are fixed and vote then. The man yelled at me and told me I could not do that and that I should just not vote. I told them I was contacting the Mayors office and questioning these events, the woman behind the desk then said, Can you ask them for envelopes. I am apalled at this point. I left the facility, went back at 6:00 the machines were fixed, I casted my vote and was pleased with my decision to wait, however how many votes have been compromised... One can only wonder.


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