Shadow Lake Bidding, Historic Preservation Committee Appointments on Township Committee Agenda

Items on the agenda include rejecting all bidders for the Shadow Lake Dredging project and reopening bids for dredging in Shadow Lake.

The Middletown Township Committee will meet tonight at 8 p.m. for its regularly scheduled meeting in the Main Meeting Room of .

Items on the agenda include rejecting all bidders for the Shadow Lake Dredging project, reopening bids for dredging in Shadow Lake, the appointment to the new Middletown Township Historic Preservation Committee and the approval of additional items of funding in the 2012 budget.

Shadow Lake Dredging Bidding

The Middletown Township authorized the receipt of bids for Shadow Lake Dredging beginning in June and ending in early August.  

In that time frame, 22 bids were distributed and six responsive bids were received on August 7.

These bids were reviewed by Robert R. Keady, Jr., Consulting Engineer and the Middletown Township Purchasing Agent and it has been determined that all bids received failed to be within the cost estimates of the Township.

The Township Committee is looking to reject all bids received for the Shadow Lake Dredging because they did not sit within the estimated cost.

These bidders include Jac Excavating Inc. of Farmingdale, N.J., Green Construction Inc. of South River, N.J., Mobile Dredging & Pumping Co. of Chester, Pa., Village Dock Inc. of Pt. Jefferson, N.Y., Barbella Construction Services, LLC of Somerville, N.J., Jay Cashman Inc. of Quincy, Ma..

After rejecting these bids the Township is looking to authorize the receipt of new bids for the dredging of Shadow Lake.  

Historic Preservation Committee

The Township Committee will appoint seven members to the new Middletown Historic Preservation Committee tonight if the resolution is passed. 

The formation of a Middletown Historic Association was discussed as far back as 1967. In 1981, the first Historic Preservation Commission was established with the purpose to manage certain historic Township-owned properties. 

The Middletown Historic Commission legally ceased to exist upon the codification of the Township in 1997 and there is currently no Township sanctioned Historic Commission in existence. The Township Committee looks to revive this committee as a commission with a seven-person advisory body.

These recommended committee members include Township Committeewoman Stephanie Murray as the Mayor’s Designee, Landmarks Commission Member Peter Van Nortwick, Susan O’Neal, Elaine Hinckley, Thomas Ferrari, Gail Nelsen and Damon Keeley.

Amendments to the 2012 Budget

Middletown Township received four grants totaling over than $18,000, which they are looking to include in its 2012 budget.

The Township received a $15,000.00 grant from The State of New Jersey for the DDEF Training grant, two DWI County Roadblock grants for $900.00 from Monmouth County and a $1,430.00 from the Department of Justice Treasury for the Federal Body Armor grant. This grants will be, if approved, included as General Appropriations in Operations Excluded from the 3.5 % CAPS. 


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