Meet New BOE Member James Cody

Cody, a life-long Middletown resident, looks forward to board breakthroughs

Being involved in his hometown schools is an all-in-the-family type affair for James Cody.

It’s something with which he is familiar and has loyal ties, like a family. So, becoming the newest member was a natural progression for the resident of the Lincroft section of the township, who was educated in the district, as was his wife and children.

At last week’s board meeting, it had been exactly a month since Cody was sworn into his new post. He , who was elected to the board in April.

Macrae resigned with detailed explanation, in September. His resignation came after that of Bob Banta, also a newly-elected member who resigned in May, right after being elected. Banta’s unexpired term was filled by Sue Griffin. 

Last Wednesday was Cody’s second meeting; and, after it, he talked with Patch about how happy and proud he is to be a part of what he sees as a brighter era for his alma mater.

“I’ve always been very involved in the community,” Cody said. “I’ve lived here my whole life … my wife, my kids, too. We’ve all gone through this (school) system. Being on this board is exciting for me. We have a new superintendent, who I think is going to be a great asset to the district. The board members we have now, I think, are going in the right direction. I’m proud and happy to be a part of it all.”

Cody went on to say that he feels this board is moving in a positive forward-thinking direction toward “healing the district,” which has become known as one with a revolving door of administrators and much in-fighting.

The newest board member said that, so far, he has seen a more cohesive mindset between board, staff and administration members.

Cody added that he is also encouraged by some of the new hires in the district.

The owner of his own company, B&L Recovery, which is a transportation and heavy equipment repair business, Cody concluded that he has a very optimistic outlook for the board he just joined and looks forward to interacting with everyone involved in his extended family in the schools.

R. Middletown January 26, 2012 at 08:33 PM
Rather odd choice considering the newest board member has already been rejected by the voters in past Middletown school board elections. Perhaps the Patch will do a bit of investigative work and tell us the "real" story behind this appointment.
Cam Lorrie April 30, 2012 at 01:12 AM
A breath of fresh air on a corrupt board. Hopefully things will change for the better . Only time will tell. Those who oppose may have something to hide? Lets have an open mind and clean the cobb webs out of the closet . Those cobb webs are called business as usual .


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