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Parkway Accident Kills One, Injures Two

STORM UPDATE: Middletown Releases Updated Plowed Streets List

Closures, cancellations and delays after the region was blanketed in snow Monday.

Update, 7:15 a.m.: Middletown Township released the following list of streets that have been plowed curb to curb:
  • Eagle Way, Whitman Dr, Sherwood Rd, Manning St, Applegate St, Newman St, Shadow Lake Dr, Park Pl, Carpenter St, Foster St
  • Leonardo Bayside complete, Navesink section complete, Hillside section complete, Portland Rd and the streets off it, Kings Hwy East and the streets off it, Browns Dock Rd, McClees Rd, Bowne Rd, Valley St, Sears Ave north of Hwy 36, Lakeside Dr north of Hwy 36, Walnut St, Park Ave
  • Woodland Dr, Twinbrook Ave, Devon Rd, Salmon Ct, Park Dr, Kamar Ct, Buttonwood Rd, Crest Rd, Spruce Rd, Brandywine Way, Banfield Rd, Baskenridge Dr, Trimbleford La, Hartshorne Pl, Orchard Street, Liberty St Conover St, Holland Rd, Patriots Way, Schindler Ct, Soutview Ter N, Southview Ter S, Shady Brook Dr, Gillville La, Unity Ct, Magnolia La.
  • Streets on either side of Wilson Ave from Hwy 36 to Cherry Tree Farm Rd. Streets bordered by Hwy 36-Main St PM-Harmony Rd- Cherry tree Farm Rd.
  • Streets from Harmony Rd to Old Country Rd/Hwy35 and  Palmer Ave to Hwy 36 to Thompson. 
  • The section of New Monmouth from Harmony Rd to New Monmouth Rd from Cherry Tree Farm Rd to Hwy 35.
  • The streets between Cooper Rd and Navesink River Road from Hwy 35 to McClees Rd.
  • Streets south of Navesink River Rd from Hwy 35 to Sailors Way.
  • Streets from Swimming River Rd to Phalanx Rd From CR 520 to the reservoir.
  • Streets from Cr 520 to West Front St from Everett Rd to Leedsville Rd.
  • Streets from Everett Road to to Middletown Lincroft Rd from West Front St to Sunnyside Rd
  • Four Winds Dr and the roads off of it. Hattie Dr, Carnegie Dr
  • Streets from Oak Hill Rd from Johnny Ct to Hwy 35 then south to Lake Shore Dr and west on Navesink River Rd to Cherry St.
  • Belford from Church St to Main St from Hwy 36 to Leonardville Road. And from Park Ave to Leonardville Road from East Rd to Tindall Rd.
  • Streets east of East of East Rd from High View Cir to Leonardville Rd Then south of Leonardville Rd to Chester Parkway.


Update, 12:30 a.m.: Middletown Township released the following list of streets that have been plowed curb to curb:

  • Pine Pl, South Lake Dr, Hill Terr, Denise Dr, Thelma Ct, Gerald Ave, Whiteacre Blvd, Knight La, Queen Ct, Cliffedge, Debmar Dr, Nina Way, Jenifer Dr, Alyssa La, Cotton Parkway, Jean Terr, Adele Ct,  Sunnyside Rd
  • West Nut Swamp Rd, Laureen Ct, Deepdale Dr, Dellwood Ct, Autumn La, Alicia Ct, Harmyk Ct, Bowtell Ct, Lionel Ct, Williamson Ct, Ferrin Ct, Ramsey Rd, Lyon Rd, Cormorant Dr, Tatum Dr, Townsend Dr, DeRidder Ct
  • Silver Brook Pl, Broadmoor Dr, Brash Blvd, Doranne La, Quaker Rd, Allaire Ave, Terry La, Polly Way, Blevins Ave, Penn Lane, Dakarla Dr, McDowell Ct, Tramp Hollow
  • Ivy Hill Rd, Mayflower Dr, Sugar Maple, Dr, Fireside Rd, Ravine Rd, Hawthorne Rd, Basswood Ct, Gatewood Way
  • Delaware Ave, Oneida Ave, Mohawk Ave, Ontario Ave, Huron Way, Erie Rd. Raritan Ave, 1st Ave, Van Kirk Ave,  Mountainside Ave, Oakdale Dr, Miller’s Crossing, Greenview Cross, Ridgeview Ave, Amherst Ave, Woodside St,
  • Crestview subdivision, Lombardi Ct, Independence Dr, Hillandale Dr, Tilton Rd, Tilton Pl, Farm Rd, McDonald Ct, Navaho Way, Pomo Ct, Hopi Dr, Windy Hill La, Hayes Ct, Mohican Ct, Manitto Pl, Seneca Dr, Irriquois Dr, Commanche Dr, Whipporwill Valley Rd, Stavola Rd, Woodgate Rd, Old Wagon Rd, Peachwood Rd, Arrowhead Ct, Edgewood Ct, Morford Pl,
  • Sailors Way, Deep Hollow, Carriage Hill La
  • Glenwood Pl, Elmwood Pl, Birchwood Pl, Chapel Hill Rd, Martin Ct, Kelvin Ave, Flomar Ave, Braeside Ave, Trent Ct, Nautilus Dr, Hollywood Ave, Dora Ct, Brookside Rd, Marshall St, Tournament Dr, Decker Dr, Haney Dr, Koosman Dr, Leonard Ave, Bryant Ave, Broadway, Appleton Ave, Concord Ave,  Walden Ave, Hosford Ave, Leonard Ave, Chamone Ave, Tiensch Ave, Bellevue Ave, Ave D, Homestead Ave, Fairfield Ave, Ave C
  • Harmony Rd, Wilson Ave, Main St Port Monmouth,  Harmony Ave, Thompson Ave, Bayside North Middletown complete, Bayside Port Monmouth complete, Bayside Belford complete, Main St Belford, Broadway, Port Monmouth Rd., West side of Main St Port Monmouth from Hwy 36 to Copperfield Ct.
  • The East side of Main St Belford to Sea Bird La, from Hwy 36 to Leonardville Rd.
  • Manor Parkway, Circle Pl, Rosalie Ave, Norma Ave, Shelbern Dr Murray Ct, Martin Dr, Orchard Hill Dr, Horshoe Way, Surray La, Spring Garden Rd, Majestic Ave, Regal Pl, Coronet Ave, Masterson Dr, Deer La, Rose St, Colonial Way, Majestic South, Hilltop Circle, Dogwood La, Westwood Dr. Samuel Ct,
  • Page Dr, Alexa Pl, Davis Lane
  • Tall Timber, Steven Ct, Taylor Lane, Burdge Ct, Gibbons Ct, Devonshire Ct, Dorothy Ct, Doris Ct, Downing Ct, Canterbury Ct, Nottingham Way, Apple Blossom La, Elm Ct, Hansen Pl, Peach Blossom La, Butler La, Village La, Blossom Tree la, Cherry Tree Lane, Bonafacio Ct, Marlpit Ct, The Trail, The Vista , The Terrace, Winding Brook Way


Update, 9:19 p.m.:
Middletown Township released the following list of streets that have been plowed curb to curb:
  • Cypress Neck, Willow Grove
  • White Oak Ridge and streets off it
  • Laird Rd, Malus Lane, Cook Place, Ballantine Rd, Dale Rd
  • Priscella Dr, Emory Dr, James Street
  • Oakland Ave, Lenwood Ave, Elmwood Ave, Maplewood Ave, Briarwood Ave
  • Bayside of Leonardo approximately 80% complete,
  • Hillyer Circle, Sutton PL, Wallace Rd, Church Lane, Tall Tree Rd, Fox Hill Rd, Bunker Hill Rd, Lafayette St, Jamestown Ct, Hancock Place,
  • Bamm Hollow Rd, Oak Hill Rd, Red Hill Rd, Pelican Rd, Borden Rd, Howland Rd, Crawford Rd, Kings Hwy
  • Ravatt Rd and streets off it
  • Kings Ct, Penelope Lane, Greenwood, Village Green
  • Applefarm subdivision approximately 80% complete
  • Bayside Belford approximately 80% complete
  • Bayside Port Monmouth approximately 80% complete
  • Daniel Dr, Michael Dr, Arlene Dr, David Ct, Lawrence Cir
  • Heritage Dr, West Farm Rd, Carriage Dr, Sheppard Dr, Colony Dr, Sir Anthony Dr, Verranzano Dr, Sir Paul Ct
  • Woodland Dr, Woodland Terrace, Branson Dr, Neville Dr, Joseph Dr, Carmello Ct, Lisk Ct, Roma Ct, Jumping Brook Rd, Midstream Pl
  • Parkway Pl, Parkview Terr, Harvey Ave, Riverbrook Ave
  • Half Mile Rd, West Front St, Leedsville Dr, Oak Hill Rd, Brasch Blvd, Four Winds Dr
  • Bernard, Sterling Ct, Harbor Green Cir, Shultz Dr, Camelot Ct, Bruce Rd, Deane Way, Meadow Way, Dow Ave, Campbell St, McLean St, Hillside St, May Pl, White Ave, Woodhull St, May Ct, George St
  • Ueland Dr and streets off of it, Amy Way, Adam Ct, Cindy Ann Dr, Buchanan Blvd and streets off of it, Gordon Rd, Orchard Rd, Holly Rd, Courtney Way, Todd Dr, Alexander Dr, Sunrise Pl, Orchard Rd.
To aid the Middletown Township Public Works Department in clearing the streets, do not throw snow back into the street or plow snow into the roadway. This slows down the clean-up process.


Update, 6:06 p.m.:
Between 60 to 70 percent of roads in Middletown have had one pass by a plow to allow emergency access, the township announced through an email alert. 

Because of the weight of the snow, plowing is more difficult and likely to take longer than usual, according to the township.


Update, 4:50 p.m.:
The Middletown Township Committee meeting scheduled for Monday night has been canceled. The meeting will be held on Monday, Feb. 10.


Update, 12:10 p.m.:
Middletown Township announced garbage and recycling collection is suspended Monday because of the inclement weather.

In addition, activities at the Middletown Arts Center have been canceled. The recycling center at Kanes Lane is closed and the Middletown Township Public Library will close at 1 p.m.

The extended hours for the Middletown Health Department’s Animal Control Division have been canceled. The last day to license dogs without incurring a late fee has been extended to Thursday. The Animal Control Division will remain open until 7 p.m. on Tuesday for dog and cat licensing, weather permitting.


The Middletown Township School District has closed schools on Monday because of snow.

The region is expected to receive 4 to 6 inches.
Mike in Leonardo February 04, 2014 at 06:49 AM
Still did a crappy job on the bayside of Leonardo curb to curb??? Ha!! Your drivers definition and mine are wide apart. Have a look at Washington ave!!! No cars on the street and the snow is 5' into the street on one side. You call that curb to curb??? Hardly!!!
Belford Bob February 04, 2014 at 08:45 AM
They were so close to the curb on my street that the snow was pushed onto my sidewalk. Guess they are damned if they do damned if they dont. I get a chuckle talking to my neighbors saying they need more men out there. All the government needs is to pay more men to sit around all year for the handful of occasions it snows.
Steve L. February 04, 2014 at 10:44 AM
In Middletown, NJ, home owners have to clear snow and ice from sidewalks within 24 hours from the end of the snowfall. Failure to comply with the ordinance can result penalties consisting of fines of up to $2,000, 90 days imprisonment and/or community service. And, I get the reasons why it is important to clear your sidewalk. But, what about the snow plows that come down my street and totally bury my sidewalk and driveway entrance after I have already cleared all the snow from it? Every time we have a major snow, it seems like I have to clear snow and ice from my sidewalk at least two or three times - once after snow and then I have to repeat it again (and again?) after the plows come down the street and cover my sidewalk with just as much snow, if not more, than was there in the first place. Do I get to assess the township with penalties for covering my clean sidewalk with snow?


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