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Trinity Hall Plans Chapel Hill Road School

All-girls high school operating from a temporary Leonardo location

Trinity Hall Class of 2017. Photo credit: Melissa Whelan
Trinity Hall Class of 2017. Photo credit: Melissa Whelan

Trinity Hall is expected to present permanent plans for its all-girls high school before Middletown's Planning Board on Wednesday night.

The Catholic school, proposed for 320 Chapel Hill Rd., requires preliminary and final major site plan approval from board members, according to the public notice announcing the 6:30 p.m. hearing at town hall.

Officials have made no announcement regarding whether the meeting will be rescheduled due to recent snowfall. 

The school has been operating in a temporary location on Leonardville Road in Leonardo, and is poised to service as a female counterpart to the all-boys Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft.

Trinity Hall wants to split the land, allotting 37.75 acres for the development of the school. No current development is planned on the remaining 26.30 acres, according to the public notice.

“I feel incredibly proud of all the hard work that has gone into making this dream a reality and grateful to those who have taken this historical step with us,” said co-founder Mairead Clifford in a September statement when the school opened.

Some neighbors are concerned about the proposed development’s potential impact on the area.

“This will ruin our neighborhood,” writes Jennifer Scott, who said in an email to Patch she recently moved to the area. The proposed school would be in “our backyard, essentially.”

On the tax map, the school is planned for Block 832, Lot 93 in the R-90 Zone. No use variances are being sought, and a board decision on the application is due by March 25.

In addition to the school structure, fields for soccer and field hockey are proposed, as well as a running track, gymnasium, indoor pool, chapel and performing arts building, according to the notice.

Chris Whalen, CPA March 10, 2014 at 08:52 AM
I am writing to express my many concerns regarding the Trinity Hall Development. Trinity Hall is a commercial enterprise and will bring to our neighborhood all of the communal, societal and environmental harm that such enterprises do. Let’s project out some of the many terrible impacts this will have on our neighborhood. The Trinity Hall Development will increase the volume of: School buses and other school vehicles Student cars and Parent drop off vehicles Evening noise and light pollution. Daily noise and pollution from the school’s physical plant. and Possibly necessitate: 1) the widening of parts of Chapel Hill to install shoulders, the land for which will be taken from existing landowners on Chapel Hill Road using Eminent Domain Laws. 2) the installation of traffic lights at the intersections of Chapel Hill and Kings Highway, and Sleepy Hollow and Chapel Hill AND Definitely at the school’s main entrance on Chapel Hill itself. The Trinity Hall Development will decrease the land values surrounding it dramatically, financially devastating families already hard hit by the down turn in the real estate markets the past 6 years. What are some of the direct and unacceptable impacts on our public school attending children? The logistics for our local public schools' bus stops on Chapel Hill AND our buses that use Chapel Hill to bring our kids to school will have to be overhauled. Bus Ride LENGTHS will increase for our students boarding on Chapel Hill and using Chapel Hill Road on their bus rides. This means earlier boarding times for our children. Increased air and noise pollution along the entire corridor. Increased physical DANGER to our bus riding public school children Money will be taken in increased taxes from the students’ parents’ savings for construction projects. They will be forced to bear these charges as the school is a non-profit which does not pay real estate taxes. It will have zero responsibility financially for these multi-million dollar improvements that will be necessary, now and ad infinitum. These funds should be going towards OUR students’ education, and not funding the education of strangers who are not contributing to our community. There are enough private schools in the area to service the needs of our community. From a simple zoning and planning perspective alone, this project should be rejected as there is ample township real estate dedicated to this “Business Purpose.” Only if there was a true and incontestable direct community need for such a large commercial operation in the heart of our neighborhood, should such a land, family and way-of-life altering project be considered. That is clearly not the case. The opposite is true. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Christopher R. Whalen, CPA Concerned Parent and Chapel Hill Resident
Rachelle Brown March 10, 2014 at 11:22 AM
Nice ties.
Book Binder March 10, 2014 at 04:38 PM
I drive by both CBA and Oak Hill on a daily basis..sometimes twice a day. If I'm not mistaken this school will have about the same number of students as Oak Hill does. Traffic is not an issue there so why would it be so on Chapel Hill? As a tax payer I like the idea of no more $15,000.00 a year students coming into the school district which would be the case if this land was developed for housing.
Vicky May 02, 2014 at 09:04 AM
I cannot believe that Chapel Hill is the only location in Middletown that can accommodate this facility. What about the empty building on Red Hill Road that formally housed Bell Labs/Lucent/ATT. There is absolutely no reason to bring all that traffic and congestion to a residential area. This proposal is absolutely absurd!!!


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