Get Crabby! Keyport Shop Is Holding a Big Crab Contest [VIDEO]

Chris Salus of Crabby's Bait & Tackle Shop in Keyport is keeping track of the largest crab in a book behind the counter.

Every year Chris Salus, the owner of Crabby's Bait & Tackle Shop in Keyport, holds a free "Biggest Crab" contest. 

Doesn't matter what kind of crab it is, or where you caught it. The shell just has to be at least 6 1/2 " wide from point to point, and still alive. You bring it in, and the guys behind the counter will measure it up and post it in the official 2012 Crab Ledger (a Marble composition notebook.)

On September 30, the person who scoops the biggest one from the salt water wins a store prize. And of course, bragging rights. 

"We like to get kids excited, and get them to shoot for the state record," said Salus, but noted the contest is open to all. So far, the biggest crab brought during the summer of 2012 was a 7 7/8". Congratulations goes to Ron Stetz of Union Beach! 

But the record to beat is the one set in 2009 by Raymond Ponik of Jersey City. He drove all the way down to Keyport with his exciting catch, and was credited for snagging an 8 3/4" crab. 

This has been an incredible year for big crabs, say fans, because of the warm winter. 

So keep this address informaton handy for when you pull up that 9 incher. 

  • Crabby's Bait and Tackle
  • (732) 335-9311
  • 229 West Front Street, Keyport, NJ 07735 (at the corner of Broadway.) 



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