More Than 500 'Walked the Walk with Kevin Kret'

Donations from the annual walk go directly to help Kevin Kret in therapies that are not covered by insurance.

Three years have passed since the first "Walk the Walk with Kevin Kret” circled the track at Christian Brothers' Academy and on Tuesday, attendees 'walked the walk' once again showing they 'still believe'.

Kevin Kret suffered a traumatic brain injury during a 2009 skateboarding accident that left in him a coma. The annual walk raises money for the International Brain Research Foundation and goes directly to help Kevin Kret in therapies that are not covered by insurance. 

More than 520 supporters and friends accompanied Kevin Kret and his family around the track during the third annual "Walk the Walk with Kevin Kret” with year’s theme being  “We Still Believe”.

“If we didn’t believe, Kevin would not be able to do the incredible things he’s done,” said Nicole Ardito, co-organizer of the event. And Kevin Kret’s journey has been nothing less than amazing, Ardito said.

About three years ago, on the morning of July 31, 2009, Kevin decided to take a quick ride on his skateboard before meeting with his friends, recalled Joan Kret as she spoke to a crowd gathered Tuesday.

There was debris on the road from a recent storm and Kevin fell off his board, hitting his head.

During the accident, Kevin, who was not wearing a helmet at the time, suffered a severe brain stem injury.

Since then Kevin has been “fighting the good fight”. Kevin has been working with the International Brain Research Foundation (IBRF), receiving therapy and utilizing equipment to further stimulate his brain and body.

IBRF is a non-profit 501(C) 3 that seeks to accelerate the development of brain cures and improve the quality of life and functioning of brain-impaired individuals. 

IBFR displayed some of the actual technology and the doctors behind it to demonstrate how far Kevin has advanced in this new world of technology and science including an infrared helmet and a stand-up wheelchair.

Kevin’s brain is in a state of emerging consciousness state and has been able to communicate through technology and responds to certain sounds and touches, said Michael Kret, Kevin’s father.

“Hopefully, next year Kevin will be walking, or walking at least in the stand up wheelchair,” said Joan Kret.

To find out more about Kevin Kret, visit caringbridge.org/visit/kevinkret/journal. 

Donations can be made online by credit card on behalf of Kevin’s treatment at www.ibrfinc.org/support.htm by writing “Kret Walk” in the comment box. 


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