Terry K. veitenheimer
Hiya !
Well, I have lived in Cinnaminson for almost 46 years now. Born and raised. A lot of people probably know me as   " KEITH " because for some odd reason half my family was brought up by their middle names !! my Grandfather ..Erich veitenheimer was the first sheriff of Cinnaminson, so I'm told, he even rode on horse back.. the stories he sent down the generations !!!!  I'm a proud, t-shirt and jeans kinda guy, gay man who has a degree in Visual Communications, but unfortunately works in a deli :0 The work was out there for a while, but only on a temporary status. Trying to start up a few home based bussinesses, gift baskets, hand painted small furniture and the such.. but as they say..it takes money to make money..so we'll see. :)
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